How to cook the perfect Steak

An aerial view of a cooked steak surrounded by a plate of roast potatoes and various sauce ramekins
Steak isn’t just a meal, it’s a way of life.

Served on glistening white plates, our succulent Lake District Grass-Fed steaks are all cooked over fire. This technique adds a smokiness and depth of flavour, this coupled with your sauce of choice and the subtle taste of salt will create that melt in your mouth sensation that’s a winner every time. Those tender pink juices and charred black lines will be a memory that will certainly linger.

A hand hovers over a plate of cut rare steak, holding a jug of gravy

We want to give you all our tips and tricks that mean you can recreate our perfect steak at home, but promise us you’ll think:

  • Preparation – Find yourself a delicious nice thick, hunk of steak, (at least 4cm thick) we get ours from Lake District Farmers, in Cumbria. Our animals are grass-fed and cared for using traditional, more sustainable farming methods. Make sure your steak is room temperature, another tip here If you are in a rush is to to wrap them in clingfilm and submerge in warm water for 30-60mins.
  • Drying – Patting the surface of your steak with a tea towel to take any moisture out of the meat, this will help form a mouth-watering crust on the surface of the meat.
  • Seasoning – Do not salt the meat before – this draws out any moisture from the meat, loosing out on its juiciness and depth of flavour. It is important, however to salt your meat whilst cooking (about half way through) to balance the flavours and make the meat cook evenly.
An aerial view of an artfully plated full Sunday roast
  • Fat – Grease your pan with butter, dripping, olive oil or lard. When you are cooking your steak, make sure to baste the meat and infuse the flavours. We recommend adding in crushed Garlic and Rosemary, because – what an iconic flavour palette that is. If your steak has a lot of fat on it, after you’ve cooked your steak, sear the fat for a further 2 minutes to make sure you’ve achieved that golden, delicious texture.
  • Temperature – We cook our meat over fire because we believe it ads flavour that you can’t compete with. To recreate this, we recommend superheating the pan when you add in the steak to really touch on those charred flavours. Go as hot as you can handle… then turn it back down after you’ve gained this effect.
  • Flipping – Like most of you, we’re a big fan of a medium steak – to achieve this we’d recommend 2 minutes on each side (thickness dependent) We’d also say to press down on the steak a little to improve thermal contact with the pan. Leave the steak for 2 minutes, then flip! Remember to baste as you go!
  • Enjoy!

Or if you want us to do the work for you, book a table with us!

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